The Huli – May 2017


The Melbourne Outrigger Canoe Club News

-The Regatta Edition-


Winter Series Begins This Weekend! REGISTER NOW

We love nothing more than in the world of Outrigger Canoeing to do things at the last minute! Like launching the Winter Series only a few days before the event. Melbourne has offered to run this event due to Patterson Lakes being unavailable (at the last minute of course). More information on the event can be found by clicking here ( . To register for the event please go here ( . We hope to see lots of Melbourne Members registering to race!


Gippsland Lakes Paddle Challenge Wrap Up

Well done to all who attending the Gippsland Lakes Paddle Challenge last weekend. We reached our goals of being the first team across the line (Green) The first Women’s crew across the line (Brown) and the crew to complete in the fastest time (Red 2 hours and 9 minutes). I think we can all agree it was a fun weekend with a few (and cheap) beverages consumed at the surf club after the event and a few MOCC members won some lucky door prizes. We look forward to racing these waters again in November for the National OC1/2 and VA 1/3 Championships.


Welcome New Members

Please welcome our newest MOCC Members. Stacey Brown has joined us from Cairns and already shown us her dedication and commitment by jumping in with us at Gippsland. Carole Evans comes to us from New Zealand (yep another Kiwi!) She has come back to Paddling after a few years off. We look forward to having another female seat 1 in the club! Welcome to our new members we are thrilled to have you join the MOCC family!


New Social Media Guy and Policy

In this crazy new age world where the phrases cyber bulling, digital disruption and revenge porn dominate the media the committee thought it would be a smart idea to put a Social Media policy together. Please have a read of and abide by the rules so we can all be happy online friends. You can access the policy here ( . Simon Ray will also be a new contributor to the Instagram and Public Facebook pages so if you have any images of info you think should go out please feel free to contact Alison or Simon.


MOCC Member of the Month

As nominated by Kirsty Smith in the last edition please welcome May Member of the Month the man of many names, Aaron Edwards:

  1. How long have you been paddling for and why did you start? Started in 2002 paddling on the Hokianga harbour a few times with my dad, after many years off and one season of rowing (enough for a lifetime), I joined Parihaka Waka Ama in 2011 before moving to Melbourne and getting immediately on board with MOCC.
  2. Beer of Wine? Beer and plenty of it.
  3. Favourite Food? Mac n Cheese
  4. If you weren’t paddling what sport would you do? Rock Climbing
  5. Favourite training session? A big session out on the bay, love an upwind bash
  6. Favourite race to date? Takapuna Beach Cup
  7. What race would you love to do? Sugar Loaf Ocean Challenge (NZ)
  8. Who do you nominate for the next edition? I nominate Stacey, absolute bloody legend jumping straight into all things MOCCie