The Huli – November 2017


The Melbourne Outrigger Canoe Club News


Special General Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended the Special General Meeting.

The Committee voted in is:

  • President: Alison Lyons
  • Vice President: Jason Shepherd
  • Secretary: Simon Ray
  • Treasurer: Sonia Burman
  • General Member: Jack Behne
  • General Member: Grant Forsthy
  • General Member: Steve Miller


After the general meeting a forum was held to discuss the issues surrounding the constitution, AGM elections and members not feeling heard. It was a very open and positive discussion and has put the club on course for a more dialog this season. Attached are the meeting minutes. If you have any questions about the SGM or forum after please feel free to speak to any of the Committee Members. SGM Meeting Minutes (

October Meeting Minute ( s (


2017 National OC1/2 V1/3 Championships

If you haven’t registered yet for the OC1/2 and V1/3 National Championships then get to it! As you know the championships are this year being held at Lakes Entrance on the 24 -26 of November. Go to ( and register to race. If you are not keen on the small craft racing then The Zone are still seeking volunteers to help out. Let Darren or Aaron know if you can lend a hand by emailing or


Welcome to Our New Members

We have had a couple of new members join the club since we wrapped up training and returned to in September. Please make welcome around the club:

  • Bali Si
  • Sunenu Masi
  • T (Taranaki) Winiata
  • Michael Ackland
  • Rachel Clerck


2017 / 2018 Regatta Plan

A survey will be out soon with options to select major international and national races for MOCC to aim to compete at in 2018. It is also important that MOCC support the local regattas and get some race practice in. The first races of the season will be: January 14 – 15 – Sprint Regatta at the Nagambie rowing center hosted by Inland Outrigger Canoe Club January 24 – 25 – Marathon Regatta at Patterson Lakes hosted by Patterson Lakes Outrigger Canoe Club We will be looking for some commitment to these regattas soon so please check your calendars and save the dates. Locally there is potential for a race in Geelong in March. If you have any questions around the regatta plan please speak to the coaches Steve, Erica, Darren or any of the committee.


Member in the Spotlight

As nominated by Stacey Brown in edition 6 of the Huli our Member in the Spotlight is the wonderful Sulu Nanai and her answers do not disappoint! 🙂

  1. How long have you been paddling and why did you start? I started paddling at end of 2007 after meeting a paddler at a mutual friend’s 30th Birthday party. The paddler was a flirt and convinced me to attend a Sunday paddling session, and give it a go. Can’t name the guy because it’s a small paddling world 😉
  2. Beer or wine? Red, red wine, goes to my head. Makes me forget that I….
  3. Favourite food? I love seafood… Every time I see food, I eat it. I’m an Island gal… if you know what I mean haha
  4. If you weren’t paddling, what sport would you do? Well, I’m pretty good at winning ‘boat races’ ….drinking games. Hehe! I’m really enjoying boxing now, so boxing it is.
  5. Favourite training session? One of my favourite training session/program was 2009 – KaiOpua Women’s outrigger team preparing for Hamilton Island. Our women’s coach Brad developed our training program and it was intense. I still remember the 5.30am freezing morning training at the Maribyrnong river, and the cross training…arrrghh! We were fit due to the intense training. Loved it.
  6. Favourite race to date? Hawaii Queen Lili’uokalani race. Kona is a beautiful Island and the race was amazing. It was hard, but I could feel the magical Island, the water, the elements during the paddle and it definitely gave me spirit to stay focused and push hard to the end. It was also an emotional journey and paddle for me having lost my father to cancer earlier in the year. A healing process to paddle in the magical Island of Kona.
  7. What race do you want to do in future? Planning to do Queen Lili’uokalani next year, or the Na Pali Challenge change over race.
  8. Who do you nominate for the next edition? Erica.

Thank You!

A big thank you to Simon Ray for putting the fabulous new graphic together for the Huli! Give him a high five next time you see him.