The Huli – December 2017


The Melbourne Outrigger Canoe Club News


Inland Outrigger Canoe Club Regatta

Register your Interest Now!

Our first regatta is fast approaching and we will need to register crews soon. Details below:

When: Saturday 13 January (OC1/OC2 please register yourself at the AOCRA Website ( ) Sunday 14 January (OC6/V3 please complete register of interest below) Where: Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre ( Register: register your interest here ( for the team events by Friday the 5th of January.


Other Regatta’s to Keep on Your Radar

January 24-25 – Marathon Regatta at Patterson Lakes hosted by Patterson Lakes Outrigger Canoe Club. A poll will be up on Facebook soon to gather interest for this regatta. Keep a look out for a register of interest for some Interstate and International Regattas in the coming days as well.


MOCC Website Catches Up With 2017

A big thank you to club secretary Simon Ray for finally taking the bull by the keyboard and updating the Melbourne Outrigger Canoe Club Website ( . If you haven’t already, check out the changes. Also keep an eye on the Members Area for latest updates. All the details for the Inland Regatta can be found there!


New Year, New You? Same Training Times Though

The Christmas break will officially come to an end on Saturday 6 January, and we will return to regular Tuesday and Thursday sessions at 6pm and 8am on Saturday. We have a number of new paddlers and visiting paddlers keen to join us so please make them welcome when they come down.


Member in the Spotlight

As nominated by Sulu in the last edition our Member in the Spotlight is the long time Member of MOCC Erica Trandafilovic!

  1. How long have you been paddling and why did you start? I started 10 years ago after being invited down to MOCC by my best mate’s dad (Warwick Ford for those that remember him). I was at a very loose end and needed to start a new sport and I thought why not! While living in Brisbane I had tried paddling in the past, but it wasn’t until I found MOCC that I really found a passion for it.
  2. Beer or wine? Shiraz
  3. Favourite food? All of the food. This is why I must paddle……!!
  4. If you weren’t paddling, what sport would you do? Well I also do CrossFit already… But without paddling, I would probably go back to Boxing or try Krav Maga!
  5. Favourite training session? I love anything where we get to go out to the bay and bounce around in the waves 😁
  6. Favourite race to date? My favorite type of race is a change race! I have been lucky to be a part of a number of MOCC change race teams over the years. My favorites we have competed in would have to be Gold Coast Cup.
  7. What race do you want to do in future? Do I have to pick one? I’d love to do a few – Liberty challenge in NY, the change race in Hong Kong… I’d also love to go back and do Vaka Eiva again as it’s always a wonderful place to visit and holiday and amazing waters to paddle.
  8. Who do you nominate for the next edition? Our El Presidente Ali 😁 ** Happy New Year!


Thumbs up to a safe, happy and healthy New Year to all MOCC members! Here’s to a great year of paddling!