Come and have a go!

If you are interested in joining our club or trying out a new sport, email our secretary or use the contact form on the Contact page, about ‘come and try’. It’s free for 6 sessions.

Joining MOCC

Membership of Melbourne Outriggers requires two components: Club membership and AOCRA (Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association) membership and insurance. You will need to complete both before you are fully joined. Membership for both is annual, from the date of payment.

Membership fees for 2018/2019 season

  • Club membership fee $230
  • AOCRA membership fee $70

MOCC Membership

At one of your free 6 trial training sessions you will receive a member information booklet which contains an overview of the sport and the club, and includes a MOCC Membership Application Form and membership details.  Payment information is also included in this pack.

Download our Member Information ePUB for your phone here: MOCC Member information Pack 2018

AOCRA Membership

The instructions for the AOCRA payment are as follows.  Please do not complete this until your club (MOCC) membership application has been completed.  These instructions are for new paddlers only. If you are already an AOCRA member, or have been in the past, please contact our club secretary ( for specific instructions.

Go to the AOCRA website at

Fill in all the details on the following screen which are used for the member database and insurance. Select the Southern States Zone, and Melbourne Outrigger Canoe Club as the club details.

Follow the prompts to make the payment of $70 to AOCRA on your credit card. This will join you for 12 months from the date we receive your club membership.

You will receive a tax invoice via email, and your member ID and password for login to AOCRA.

Use your ID and password to update your details during the year if they change.

Please contact our club treasurer (mocc. or serectary ( if you have any problems with this process.